Download game

Computer Specs Requirement:

Minimum Recommended PC


  • WindowsXP SP2, DX9
  • CPU P4 >2GHz
  • RAM 256MB
  • VGA RAM 64MB
  • WindowsXP S2, DX9 or better
  • CPU Dual Core >2GHz
  • RAM 1GB
  • VGA RAM 128 MB

Download Full Client

Martialart2 is now available for download from our servers, please follow the link below to download full client, please use AUTOUPDATE.exe to get latest update.

Martialart2 Client (6.1 GB)

Download Patch And AutoUpdate

Download patch which suitable with your current client and install to your hard drive for update MA2 client:

Auto Update(1.76MB)

Tools Download:

Windows Xp need to download and install Dot Net Framwork(3.5) to run Auto Update.exe.
Windows 7 need to download and install Dot Net Framwork(4.0) to run Auto Update.exe.
For Need to fix Clients please download and install teamviever and chat to page.

Dot Net Framework(3.5)
Dot Net Framework(4.0)
Teamviewer(Remote Control)